From our humble start in July 1985, in a 7,500 square foot facility located in Washington, Pennsylvania, to our current and modern 21,000 square foot facility, we have not forgotten our roots on what has made us succesfull: “Our Employees and Our Culture of Customer Excellence.”

July 1985

Bolsan was started by Frank Fickinger and Mary Howsare.  At the time both Frank and Marty worked for Industrial Gasket and Shims (IGS), located in Meadowlands, Pennsylvania.  During their time at IGS, they saw an opportunity in a niche market and started Bolsan.  In August 1985, Bolsan opened for business in a 7,500 square foot facility located in Washington, Pennsylvania.  Frank was the President and Marty was VP, form 1985 until August 1998.  During this time Frank and Marty formed a relationship with Attewell. Attewell was owned by Hampson Industries PLC. 

March 1998

Bolsan moved to a new 21,000 square feet facility located in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania

August 1998

Hampson Industries PLC (later Shimtech) acquired Bolsan to increase their footprint in the United States

September 1998

Bolsan received its first of many Lockheed Star Supplier Awards

September 2011

Bolsan and sister companies Lamsco West, Attewell and Pillar Seals and Gaskets (PSG) were sold by Hampson Industries to Bridgepoint Development Corporation and incorporated as “Shimtech Industries US, Inc.”

May 2015

Shimtech Industries was acquired by Auctus Industries, Ltd., a new company backed by Inflexion.

March 2018

Lockheed Martin recognized Bolsan as an “Elite Supplier”.

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